MAPOLY Extends First Semester Examination

Posted by Vek Tor on 2nd October, 2020   |   Comments

The Management of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta, has extended the earlier scheduled first semester examination by two weeks. See Announcement below:

“The Head Public Relations and Protocol of the Polytechnic, Mr. Yemi Ajibola confirmed the extension of the first semester examtination while speaking with Press Club MAPOLY on Friday.

MAPOLY Extends First Semester Examination

Ajibola told PCM the management extended the examination with two weeks to allow students complete their registrations. PCM had earlier reported that the Higher National Diploma Students (HND2) and National Diploma (ND2)examination will commence the first-semester examination on October 5 while the freshers will commence their examination on October 19.

The PRO stated that the decision to extend the examination date was made by the academic board meeting on Friday morning. Ajibola added that most of the students were not forthcoming with their registrations hence the decision of the academic board to have it extended by two weeks.” 


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