UK or US this Fall ?

My name is Ana from Viet Nam, studying Business/Econ. I want to ask you guys whether I should go to the UK or US cause I got accepted at both place. So for the UK, I got in Newcastle University with 50% scholarship with Bs Honors in Business Management.The tuition fee plus housing is around 20000$. For the US school, I got into Oberlin College Econ maj with financial aid ,and 30000$. One is in around top 20 UK, the other one is top 30 US LAC. Newcastle is a better city and maybe better job placement, but at the same time Oberlin is really strong at music and I love love piano, the internship opportunities in US are plenty as well. But just as you can see, both uk and us are not doing very okay at this time and I want to ask u guys opinion about which school to join.

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