University of Benin disclaimer notice to the general public

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It has come to the notice of the management of the University of Benin that the name of the vice-chancellor professor Lilian I. salami and that of the university are being used to scam unsuspecting members of the public with regards to employment and admission for the avoidance of doubt the management of the university wants the public to note the following that the University of Benin is currently not employing any category of workers in line with the federal government embargo on employment that only the office of the registrar is authorized to advertise for vacancies and engage due mechanisms whenever the embargo on employment is lifted by the federal government

* that no money is charged at any stage before employment is given 

University of Benin disclaimer notice to the general public

* That admission into the university academic programmes (full time and part-time) outside the joint admission and matriculation examination is done through the office of the registrar while the payment is made to the University of Benin only through Remita any request for payment to be made under any personal or group accounts is to be disregarded.

Finally that the Vice-Chancellor as a deliberate action is not on Facebook, Linkedin Twitter and Instagram Therefore all account and name-bearing her picture On this platform are fake please be informed


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